Hoc corpus – Robledo


Hoc corpus, quod pro vobis tradétur:
hic calix novi testaménti est
in meo sánguine, dicit Dóminus:
hoc fácite, quotiescúmque súmitis,
in meam commemoratiónem.


awhk KAWHR-poos, kwawhd prawh VAWH-bees trah-DEH-toor:
eek KAH-leeks NAWH-vee teh-stah-MEHN-tee ehst
een MEH-awh SANG-gwee-neh, DEE-cheet DAWH-mee-noos:
awhk FAH-chee-teh, KWAWH-tee-ehs-KOOM-kweh SOO-mee-tees,
een MEH-ahm kawhm-MEH-mawh-RAH-tsee-AWH-nehm.


This is my body, which is given up for you;
this is the cup of the new covenant
in my blood, says the Lord.
Each time that you partake thereof,
do it in memory of me.


1 Corinthians 11:24–25


Holy Thursday, Communion; The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, Communion Year C

Pine Bluff, Wisconsin · Roman Catholic Diocese of Madison